• You are a successful leader but secretly you feel like you don’ t fit in.
  • You have a large scope of responsibilities and you are admired by many, but secretly you realize your life has lost its color.
  • You have a lot of passion and energy to help others bloom, but secretly you have nobody to turn to when you need to be seen, to be heard or to grow.

If so, The RAINBOW Group could be a next stepping stone for you.

1. An 8 month coaching program. I will be your personal coach and you will learn from the others also being coached.
2. 12 x 90 minute group coaching calls. Once every 3 weeks over Zoom.
3. Your private on-line group. To ask me questions, to share your insights, to support and get support from the others in the group.
4. Your peer group. You are part of a peer group of like-minded leaders who are committed to transforming their universe while making an impact in the world.
The group is limited to a maximum of 8 members. It is run on a rolling basis with a minimum of 8 months commitment.
Entry is subject to acceptance following a 1:1 call with Delphine.
5. Your investment is 8 x400€ monthly instalments (3200€ total) or 2400€ upfront
All prices at net of VAT. The coach is not liable to VAT. Please note I have a no refund policy. Because I love people who play full out. If you are in, you are fully in. This is called commitment.

Together, we will reveal

  • Your true colors: what is important in your life and what you want to create.
  • Your sun: your unique strengths and what fills you with energy
  • Your rain: what is holding you back and draining you of energy.
    … and so much more.

And you will have the opportunity to experiment with who you really are in a playful and safe environment.

if you are interested in joining The RAINBOW Group, please contact me ( stating briefly what is going on in your life, and what you need most right now. Then we will schedule a 1:1 conversation.

Love and Colors,